Helen to the Atlantic
                      Balloon Race & Festival 
"From the Center of the world to the edge of the Earth"            Pete Hodkinson, 1974 

32nd Annual  Helen to the Atlantic
Balloon Race & Festival
 June 2, 3 &4    2005

For only the third time in 32 years, we did not get the race to the coast off.  Due to rain and winds going to the North the Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race never got in the air.

We did have enough dry weather and marginal wind directions to fly some and tether a lot.


People who came to town were treated with the spectacle of many balloon tethering on each evening.

On Saturday morning  several balloons took to the skies for short flights around Helen.
On Saturday evening most balloons tethered and gave rides to the tourists in town.  Several balloons decided to attempt to fly - even after being warned "don't go there".  Fortunately, all found landing sites (if you could call them that) and best of all, there were no chain sawsinvolved.  One balloon flew off to the North (read Chattachoochee National Forest) and landed on top of one of  Tray Mountain at the Appalachian Trail.  Fortunately for him, it was an area clear of all trees.


or you will land like this-

At the dinner on Saturday night we celebrated GuyNel's retirment from teaching.

2005 was a good year for visiting with old friends and meeting some new pilots.

Looks like Don Edwards lost a bet.

     2005 Best Crew Chief award to Desiree' Head

We all look forward to 2006.  Hopefully we will get to fly more.


For more information on the event contact Barbara Gay, Catherine Cleinman or Sharon Walden at the Helendorf Inn at 706-878-2271 or Tarp Head at Head Balloons at 706-865-3874.  For information during the race, call the Race Headquarters (Helendorf Inn) at 706-878-2271.

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